Guest Post: Hope Unfolding Book

My wife Allison joins the blog today to post her thoughts about a new book out by Becky Thompson entitled, Hope Unfolding. It’s a book for mothers, which I am not, so I got my wife to read and post about the book. So without further ado here are some wise words from my wife about the book, Hope Unfolding.

I began following Becky Thompson on her Facebook page, Scissortail Silk, about 5 months ago when my baby was born. I also read her “Midnight Mom” devotionals. Motherhood is new territory for me and I have found her posts and devotionals to be the perfect  combination of truth and humor. Her book is no different.

I found myself nodding in agreement as I could relate to her reflections in motherhood. I also found myself tearing up at the very real and raw emotions Becky expressed throughout the book.  She reached through the pages and made the lonely world of motherhood less lonely by putting into words what I, and millions of other women experience everyday, exhaustion and feelings of failure. Failure in motherhood, marriage, faith, etc. Fortunately, that is not all that this book is about.

This book offers hope in the midst of these feelings. Hope that can only be found in Christ. Because without Christ’s strength we will fail every time, but with Christ we are unstoppable. My favorite part of this book is how Becky illustrates her points through her own personal stories and reflections. Everyone wants to know that they are not alone in this journey of life and faith. Becky lets her reader know that they are not alone because we have each other, and most importantly we have God.

This was an uplifting and genuine read that would be a blessing to any mom. I received this book FREE from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.



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