What’s Your Mark?

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about what my mark is on my current place of ministry. I have been at Bethel Church for 4 years in December 2015. 4 years is long enough that you should be able to look around and see programs, people, and/or places that you have influenced as the leader. As I had this thought and reflected I had two thoughts that were counter-intuitive to each other. Take time this week to think of what is your mark? What has been accomplished since you have been at your current place of ministry? The results will probably lead you to the same two thoughts that I had.

1. You have left a bigger mark than you realize.

In my reflections about my mark and influence at Bethel I first thought that I haven’t really left any mark of significance. I haven’t really started any new ministries or any new initiatives. Since this is my first full-time position I have been primarily a manager. I have spent a lot of time just trying to stay afloat. From my perspective I can see that I haven’t accomplished that much. I want so much more. Then I had an encouraging thought. I have made a difference in people’s lives. I haven’t done or started magnificent things that have revolutionized my church or the kidmin community, but I have influenced individuals. Isn’t that what ministry is all about? Think of the notes or cards you have received. Think of the hugs from countless kids that you have embraced. Thanks be to God! You have left a bigger mark than you realize.

2.You haven’t left your mark as much as you want. 

Leaders are hungry for change. Leaders aim for success. If you call yourself a leader then inevitably you have much more to give and much more passion to leave your mark wherever you go. When you look around your ministry and your sphere of influence you can see all the holes and opportunities to leave your mark. We see the opportunities and dream of the possibilities. No matter how long you have been in ministry never lose become complacent and think that you have arrived. Never think that you have left your mark as much as you possibly can. When you come to this point you might as well call AARP and call it quits.

There is a balance between these two thoughts.

What’s your mark?


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